For each site you configure on, we provide a visualization template in Google Data Studio or Sheets.

You may choose to use those reporting templates, or bring your own - either way, allows you to bookmark your visualizations for easy access.

When you save a visualization, it'll be accessible on both the 'Sites' table, as well as on each Recipe's detail page (in a similar-looking list of your sites).

Note: for more info on copying data visualizations, check out these tutorials on copying Data Studio reports or pulling data from BigQuery into Google Sheets.

Saving a Visualization

To store a visualization link, navigate to either the Sites or the detail page for the Recipe you're setting up.

Then select the 'Actions' hamburger menu to the right:

On the menu that opens up, select the "Add a Visualization" option:

A form will appear, allowing you to submit a Name + URL for the visualization.

Any URL will work there - Data Studio, Sheets, Looker, etc - whatever the URL is that you use to access the report.


If you have multiple visualizations for a site (for example, Sheets + Data Studio), no problem! You can submit the form multiple times - just be sure to name them in a recognizable way.

View a Visualization

To open a visualization that you've previously added, open the same "Actions" hamburger menu.

Then select "View Visualizations" to display your links:

You'll see a list of all the visualizations tied to that site for that Recipe. Select one to open it in a new window.

Edit or Delete a Visualization

From the same "Actions" hamburger menu, you can select "Edit Visualization" to modify or delete any of your previously added links:

It will let you select which of the visualizations you want to edit, and then open a new screen to perform the edit itself.

You can change the name or URL of the visualization, or simply delete it.

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