This article covers the basic concept of BigQuery and what it allows you to do.

For a more in-depth walkthrough of learning to write BigQuery SQL, check our full BigQuery tutorial here.

Google BigQuery is an extremely fast, scalable, and inexpensive data warehouse.

If you're already using other Google tools (Sheets, Data Studio, etc), BigQuery is your best bet when picking a data warehouse, because of the ease of integration with your existing stack.

Why do we use BigQuery?

  1. Data storage in the cloud. BigQuery allows you to store all your raw data within the same location in the cloud, which is available for all your team members at any given moment. No more storing data across hordes of spreadsheets.

  2. Extremely fast data processing. BigQuery allows you to process your raw data through the use of standard SQL, rather than spreadsheet formulas.

  3. Easy integration with Google visualization tools. Because of BigQuery's direct integrations with Google Sheets and Data Studio, you can analyze your data without writing a line of SQL.

Other Resources to Get Started with BigQuery

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