To use BigQuery, first you'll need to create a 'Project' on the Google Cloud Platform.

Let's walk through what that is and how to get one going.


If you haven't yet created your account on Google Cloud, you'll need to have one before creating a project.

You can create an account here, which merely entails accepting attaching the GCP terms of service to your existing Google Apps account.

Most new GCP accounts are accompanied by a $300 / 1-year free trial.

Set up a Project in the Google Cloud Platform

From within the Google Cloud Console dashboard, to the right of the Google Cloud Platform logo you’ll see a dropdown menu to select a project.

From that menu, you can add a New Project:

Once you select the New Project option, a form appears to set your project details.

From this form, you will:

  • Name the project (we recommend naming projects your-org-recipes)

  • Modify the project ID, if modifying your project name doesn't give you a recognizable ID string

  • Set the organization that the project lives under (optional)

Select CREATE once you're happy with your setup - you cannot modify these down the road, so we recommend double-checking your settings.

Setup Billing for the Project

In order for to write data to your BigQuery warehouse and process it, you'll need to have billing enabled for your GCP Project.

Google bills for BigQuery usage by query time + storage - this Google doc walks through their pricing structure in detail. Most users' monthly BigQuery bill is under $100 per month.

To set Billing up from the GCP dashboard, open the hamburger menu at the top-left, and select Billing.

Once you've added a billing account + connected your card, you can re-use that same billing account across all of your organization's GCP projects.

Manage Team Access and Roles

You can invite your team to your project, and assign various roles based on what they'll need to do.

From the GCP dashboard select the top-left menu navigate to IAM & Admin (or access it directly here).

From the window that follows, there is the option to add additional members to the project and to select/modify the roles that each member has in the project.

To add a new member, select the ADD option at the top.

Keep in mind that their role determines what type of actions they can perform within the account.

If a team member will just need to access BigQuery data, they can do so with the BigQuery User role.

For folks who will need to perform more granular functions (deleting datasets, etc), you could make them a BigQuery Admin.

But if your teammate will need to invite other teammates, and generally manage the project, we would make them a Project Editor.

Billing Quotas

One thing we recommend for new BigQuery users, is implementing a monthly cost control (Google docs here) to cap your GCP spend.

This allows you to set alerts when you've hit a percentage of your budget, and allows you to guarantee that you'll never run up a tab that you weren't expecting.

$30 per month is a good starting quota, that you may not find yourself hitting for some time.

You can access this via the top-left hamburger menu -> Billing -> Budgets & alerts.

Additional Google Reference Docs

Create, modify or close your Cloud Billing Account

List of granular BigQuery roles + permission definitions

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