Our goal when pricing query.recipes, is to allow you to pay for exactly what you use.

To that end, each Recipe is priced at a flat rate per site, per month.

So if you work on 2 sites, and set up one $50 credit/month Recipe for each, your monthly tab will be $100.

Those prices are quoted in credits, rather than dollars, so that we can offer things like annual + volume discounts.

Important: If a Recipe requires 3rd-party API credits (Deepcrawl, for example), we cover those costs on your behalf, and bake them into the flat per-site price of the Recipe.

Plan Options

Each package on query.recipes includes a flat number of credits per month, which can be used towards any available recipe.

All plans include with a 15% discount for annual billing:

  • Starter: $100 per month for 100 credits. The best option for teams just getting started on BigQuery, and looking to run 1-2 recipes for 1-2 sites.

  • Agency: $500 per month for 500 credits. Best for teams working on a portfolio of sites.

  • Custom: If you know exactly the usage you'll need in terms of credit, just drop us a note on live chat, and we'll configure an a la carte pricing plan to match your needs.

The simplest way to estimate the right plan for your team, is to multiply:

  • The number of sites that you work on

  • The number of Recipes you'd like to run (most teams run 1-3 at any given time)

  • The cost / month ($50 for example) of each of those Recipes

Usage for a typical agency on query.recipes is as follows:

  • 10 sites

  • Running 1 Recipe (Website Quality Audit, for example) @ 50 credits per site, per month

For a total tab of 500 credits per month ($500), which includes roughly $100 in Deepcrawl usage.

Additional Services Offered by the QR Team

Custom Recipes

We're happy to build custom recipes to support your data workflows (get started here).

Each custom recipe includes:

  • Writing API integrations to pipe data into BigQuery

  • Building SQL models to perform analysis

  • Building reporting templates in your preferred reporting tool

Custom recipes can be implemented for an upfront setup fee of $5,000.

Following the initial build-out, you'll pay in monthly site credits just like any regular recipe.

Data Strategy + Advisory Sessions

If you'd like help digging deep into your Recipes output, or putting the results into action, we're standing by to help.

Our analysts are available for one-hour strategy sessions, which can be booked anytime for $200.

Package discounts are available if you're looking for consistent advisory services.

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