Our core belief is that you must have full control + ownership of your own data.

To that end, no matter if you pause or delete a Recipe instance, your data remains in BigQuery for your free use.

Pausing or deleting a site, though, will stop any new data from pushing to your BigQuery warehouse.

How it Works

Pausing a site stops the automatic refresh of data. This is the best option when work with a client has been paused, but you expect it to restart at some point.

Deleting a site severs any data feeds that were configured by query.recipes - to restart the feeds, you'll need to reconfigure the site.

Where to Delete/Pause Sites

While logged into your query.recipes account, navigate to the Sites page.

Search for the specific site you want to pause/delete, and select the hamburger menu in the “Actions” column to pop up a dropdown menu.

Select pause or delete from there to stop future updates.

For paused sites, you can then Resume them at any time.

Note: this same table exists on each Recipe's detail page.

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